Being a new mom or expecting another baby is super-exciting and can be overwhelming with all that needs to be done. Download your FREE CHECKLIST for the TOP 15 things every mom needs to do that you might not have thought about. Even if you aren't a new mom, there might be a few things you have missed.

Our first child.

I remember expecting our first child. My wife, Michelle, was going through all kinds of emotions at the time. She was doing everything to make sure we were prepared for our child’s arrival. The nursery was all freshly painted, crib was ready, clothes were ready, and we had enough diapers for about a year (well maybe not, but it sure seemed like it). She had spoken to many new moms to help her be prepared.

Michelle already had planned how she was going to feed the baby and make meals for the next two years. Her objective was to give the baby every opportunity and as the baby matured, to prevent any physical, mental or health issues. That was her mission. Sound familiar?

Whenever I wanted to talk about financial planning, she would say, "Just tell me what we need to do and when and we will do it". After all, I was the one with the financial knowledge. So that’s what we did.

Our second child.

Now, jump ahead another 4 years to when we were expecting another child. I thought the second time would be easier. I was wrong. Even though we had most stuff figured out, there were new things to think of. We were back on the “being prepared train” for the next nine months. So even though it was our second child, sometimes I felt it was like we were having our firstborn again.

Indeed, it was different. Michelle was going through different emotions, different worries, and different stresses this time . Again, our goal was just to make sure everything we were doing was leading to a healthy baby. I took care of all the other stuff.

Now let’s move forward a few years. While meeting with clients, many of whom were new parents or parents expecting another baby, I saw the same thing happening to them as had happened with us. The emotions were strong, but I knew how to work with this.


How the "Ultimate New Mom's List" came to be.

Over dinner one night, we were reminiscing about our two children with a friend, who was soon to become a new parent. Michelle and I would smile about things that were going to happen to them that they didn’t even know was going to happen. I knew Michelle was always concerned about what we should do next, but she had me to handle the finances. That was one area she didn't have to worry about. But finances are what everyone else would potentially be worrying about. After speaking with a few existing clients, I was convinced that money matters were definitely a source of much stress.

That’s when I decided to make a list to help remove the stress and provide a road map for families. It took a few runs but finally I have a great ultimate list that parents can use to make sure they stay on track.

So here it is my Ultimate New Mom's Checklist. Now even if you aren't a new mom there are some tips here that you might find beneficial.

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