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Bridge Wealth Group was built on the belief that when people are provided with great information and options to solve their financial situation, they will be able to make great decisions.

Our main objective is to get to know you personally and understand your unique situation to the highest degree. Once this is achieved we can then provide the best options and plans possible – and that includes considering both your needs and your budget.

We want to be by your side for today and for many generations.


Like our approach? Thank Darrel’s mom.

When Darrel Pendry’s father passed away from cancer at the age of 64, his mother was left trying to figure out her financial future. The whole process was overwhelming for his mother as she didn’t know whom to trust or who was giving her proper information. He began working with his mom to find out what her concerns were and then he started to educate her on options and solutions to her concerns.

Once she was given both the pros and cons of both insurance and investment options it became easier for her to make decisions and take action. She is now comfortable with her overall plan and feels confident that she is going to be okay for her next 20 plus years.

Through working with his mother, Darrel realized that the concerns his mom had and the struggle to find reliable information was pretty typical. He created Bridge Wealth Group to makes sure people had access to better information, education and resources so that they could be confident in their decisions. He empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their financial future.

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Whether you want to communicate with us in person or video, email & text, we can get it done. And we have licensed advisors available throughout Canada and will facilitate getting you connected. Give us a call at 780-760-9939 or contact us through the website. We’d love to hear from you.