Whether you are thinking about having a baby or perhaps have one on the way, the number one reason for stress is not being prepared financially. Why not stay ahead and start planning today? Let us help.

Avoiding any type of stress during pregnancy is a great idea, but often we are so excited about having a baby we push this to the side. Unfortunately, poor planning can and will come back to haunt us.

Most people who know me can tell you, I prepare for almost everything. I remember I had learned how to train my dog long before I had one. But what was interesting about this was when I actually did get a dog, I had it well trained within about 6 weeks and she was extremely well behaved. This took so much stress off my wife; more than I ever realized.

Another example of preparation is when I wanted to read more, but I was a slow reader with poor comprehension, so I took a course and learned how to speed read and increase my comprehension. Then I began my reading and learning quest. Anything is possible if you really want it. Enough about me.

How can you be better prepared?

What is the first step to preplanning?

The thought of planning or budgeting (a word I hate to use myself as it sounds so restrictive and not fun), can be extremely overwhelming. The first step is for both parents to acknowledge the need to get finances in order. Then take the next step to actually doing something about it.

There are so many apps for planning and budgeting, or services you can pay for to get you started. The issue with apps or special programs is you first have to pay for them and then you have to set them up and learn how to use them. In theory they work, but in practical matters many people won't spend the time to get them set up, so why even start. How do I know this? That's what I used to do. I looked at several, but set up times were taking too long for my patience.

This is where we come in. To get started, we have developed a simple system that will only take minutes to set up for your family. If you need, we can even do the initial adjustments for you. Oh, and did I say at no cost to you? To get started just download our FREE Money Tracker Tool. Once you receive the tracker you will also get a short video explaining how to use it.

Do I have to have a financial degree to use this Money Tracker Tool?

Absolutely not! You don't need to be a mathematical genius. We tried to create the simple most effective system. The fact is if it is too hard to use you would never use it.

"We saved over $500 in the first month after using this system. It only takes about 1 hour per month to do. Doing one hour of work to do this is better than getting a part time job. It's like earning $500/hour. The savings keep rolling every month."- MP

How much time will it take to use the system?

For most people it should only take between 1-2 hours per month if done the way we suggest. So before you decide to take a part time job to earn extra cash at $15/hour, why not download and use this system first. The end result is you will be earning a lot more than minimum wage. Seems like a win-win to me!

When is the best time to start using the Money Tracker Tool?

There is no better time to start than right now. I see so many people waiting to start in January as a new year's resolution, or waiting until the beginning of the month. The best thing is to just get started. Every day you wait is another day to get behind.

"Over half of Canadians are $200 or less away from not being able to pay bills."

Don't be like everyone else. Just think what it would feel like if you could get similar results and start increasing your positive cash flow by $200-$500 per month. How great would that feel? Wouldn't that be worth the little time it takes?

In a very short while you will be smiling with joy when you have everything under control and moving in a positive direction. Get started today and get the FREE Bridge Money Tracker Tool.

See where you already have the money for your future.

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