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Canada Protection Plan leads the way.

Canada Protection Plan is one of the leaders in the Canadian life insurance industry. They have dedicated resources to lead with technology to allow anyone, anywhere in Canada to have full access to life insurance. 

Who is Canada Protection Plan?

Canada Protection Plan (CPP) was founded in 1992. The main goal was to provide insurance for those ‘hard to insure’ through traditional life insurance companies. They created a program for guaranteed permanent life insurance with no medicals.

In 2006 CPP started adding term life insurance programs to the line of growing options.

The Life Insurance product line is underwritten by Foresters, a top-rated insurance company in Canada with strong financial strength and stability.

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What types of products or services does Canada Protection Plan offer?

  • Guaranteed permanent life insurance with no medicals.
  • Guaranteed term life insurance with no medicals.
  • Term 20 and 30 life insurance for the healthy market.
  • Optional riders you can add such as accidental death benefit, child term benefit, and hospital cash benefits.

Top 14 reasons to use Canada Protection Plan:

  1. The system and application process is unique and straight forward. As you answer questions it determines which path and programs are available to you. If you have some health conditions or perhaps couldn't get insurance before, the system will stop the process at the point where you can apply.
  2. No medicals required. Most of the plans through CPP do not require needles, urine tests, paramedical examinations, or doctors’ reports to qualify for life insurance.
  3. There is coverage available for people deemed ‘hard to insure’, due to health issues such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.
  4. The healthier you are, the better the options you have available to you. Plans range from Term 10 to Term 100. Up to $1,000,000 in coverage is available depending on the plan and your age.
  5. Terminal illness benefit. If an insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness, with a life expectancy of two years or less, the owner can get up to 75% of the insured amount up to $250,000 as an advance.
  6. Transportation benefit. If the insured died more than 200 kms from their personal residence, the benefit will pay $2 per km up to $2,000 or transport the body or remains back to the principal residence of the insured.
  7. The CPP system is secure. Protecting your private information is at the forefront.
  8. Competitive rates for life insurance to suit your budget.
  9. Life insurance policies are normally issued in a matter of days.
  10. Payments for monthly payment options start in the second month.
  11. CPP is a community focused company that gives back.
  12. Life insurance is underwritten by Foresters Financial, a top-rated insurance company in Canada that has over 140 years of financial strength and stability.
  13. Complimentary benefits. Once you become a policyholder you also have the opportunity to take advantage of Foresters Insurance benefits at no additional cost to you. The benefits are awesome. Download the brochure here.
  14. Claims get paid. Currently 98% of claims have been paid out. The reason they are not at 100% of claims being paid typically due to applicants lying on the application or not disclosing information asked during the application process.

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