Getting your birth certificate is often done automatically when you are having a baby, provided you are giving birth with a physician or registered midwife. There a couple of things you want to make sure of as well.

Usually your physician or registered midwife will have the forms available. Just in case they don't it is an important step not to miss and at least you can check it off your question to ask list in our "Ultimate New Mom's Checklist".

Here are the steps to get a child's birth certificate in Alberta:

Step 1

You must register the birth of the child by completing the registration form. This form is provided either by your hospital, physician, or registered midwife. Once completed they will send the registration form to Vital Statistics within 10 days of birth. There usually is another area on the form, where if you give additional consent you will get the child benefits automatically registered. Now sometimes the forms might get updated, so just ask. 

You can register your child's birth at a later date if necessary, but it is much simpler to do right away and check it off the list. If one parent is not present their name will not show up on the birth certificate. The second parent name can be added later. If one parent can't make it just discuss with the physician or midwife and possibly they can hold off on sending the registration form in when the other parent is present.

Step 2

If you are having the birth and are not using a physician or registered midwife you can request a home birth package. Make sure you get this package before the birth of your child to prevent any other delays.

Step 3

Ask for both a short and long form of the birth certificate. The long form birth certificate will list the birth parents. In the future you may require this and if you don't have it you will encounter more delays. An example of this is if you are applying for Metis or Aboriginal Status for your child you are required to send in the long form birth certificate to show the birth parents.

What if I don't register my child's birth right away?

Registering right away is the simplest but it is not the end of the world if for some reason you can't. The only other thing to consider is if you a going to register after one year from the date of birth, you will have additional requirements and a fee.

How do I get a birth certificate if my child is already born?

Should this be the case or you just didn't do it, this can all be done at the registry. The full application procedure is here. There will be a $20.00 government fee and any other fee's associated for processing through the nearest registry service.

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