So what's my one simple hack that is going to get me to Cancun every year?

Apply this success strategy whether you want to travel, get rid of ugly debt, or just simply get ahead financially.

You must be willing to change your mindset or change the angle you view things from. Don't look at what's missing or what you’re giving up but look at how you can get what you want. So that's the key. Change the way you're thinking and apply this to multiple areas in your life and you will become more successful.

I was having my coffee every morning at Tim Horton's. I usually have a Tim Horton's or a McDonald's coffee, and it's around $2.00 to $2.10 per large coffee. I'm not into the lattes or specialty coffees as those are $3.00 to $7.00 each. Not only is the price ridiculous, but it affects my waistline.

While I was having my coffee, I was reading an article about John Sylvan and Keurig. Even though he ended up selling the business in 1997 before it took off, the business is now huge. It has changed the way we drink coffee; and yes, I do have a Keurig machine. I started thinking that I should probably start using my Keurig again to make a ‘to go’ coffee and save some money. What never really sunk in before was the volume of the k-cups that are used. So I thought I should do my part for the environment as well and help save the landfills.

"The best estimates say the Keurig pods buried in 2014 would actually circle the earth more than 12 times."

When you look at the pods and the packaging, not all are even recyclable. If they are you must disassemble them first to clean them and who is going to do that? Oh, sorry there's probably a few of you but not many and that’s my point. I even looked at McDonald's pods and apparently, they are recyclable but the plastic pouch they come in is not. How can a person win at this? It’s just ridiculous.

So, for the money and the environment I decided to go back to drinking ground coffee made at home. But I had to figure out a way to get myself to make this commitment. Change the way I think. I spoke to my wife and the convenience of the Keurig was too much, so I am on my own. I do have to confess that my wife doesn't drink much coffee.

Since I am a numbers guy, I took a deeper look.

That's why I'm probably in this business. So here are the details:

  • If I was having two coffees a day (assume $2.00/coffee) I would spend $4.00/day for regular coffee at Tim Horton's or McDonald's. This works out to $28.00/week or $1,460.00/year.
  • Now if I was to use the Keurig Pods and buy from Costco to get the lowest price, it works out to about $0.70/pod. My yearly cost would be $511.00. That’s a savings of $949.00.
  • What if I used grounds and brewed my own? The cost per scoop (yes, I actually weighed it out) that I use to get the right taste works out to $0.21/coffee. My yearly cost would now be $153.00. That’s a savings of $1,306.00/year.

Now this change in my coffee habit is starting to look good, right? Wait until the end!

If I switch to brewing my own coffee, in one year, I would save $1306.00.

Yes, $1306! Now imagine how I'm changing the way I think. This wasn't going to be enough for me to stick to it. I am probably a lot like you? I needed to make this reason very rewarding. While I was having my coffee at Tim Horton's, I started searching Expedia. I asked myself, "What would be really cool and rewarding?"

You know what I would love to do is go to Cancun and jet-surf every year on my birthday. That would be the cat’s ass, if you know what I mean.

I searched for a week stay at a nice resort in Cancun , close to where I need to be so I can jet-surf. You know what? I could pick one up if I booked it today for $1200. Yes, I would have an extra $100 for Corona!

So, I will now be brewing my own ‘to go’ coffee.  Was this a tough decision for me? Not at all. I’m keeping my eye on the reward to make sure it lasts.

I am now excited about making this change. Change the way you think.

Now, I know not everybody's going to go on a trip but, think about paying down debt, your car or student loan, or maybe one of those high interest credit cards that you are buying your coffee with. This could make a huge difference to anyone's situation.

Just look at the info-graphic above and see the difference depending on what you drink. Now what about your spouse? Are they doing the same thing? I am not sure if my wife will make the change from Keurig to grounds, so I guess we will see if I am going on the trip by myself or not. I'll let her decide that one.

That's my simple financial hack.

There are many other ways you can apply the same principle. You just need to work your way through it and change the way you think. Anything is possible when we put our mind to it. Our bridge tracker tool will help you find other areas to apply this same simple hack.

If you want further guidance, the budget tracker, or any other kinds of tools, there's more on my website. Have a look around. We would also love to hear some of your success stories, financial hacks or ways you have made changes. We would love to share. Sharing is caring.

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